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Overview of POS Billing Software

Restaurants and retail shops need more flexibility in creating and managing their bills. Nevertheless, they must deal with bill payment, inventory management, employee management, time-tracking, customer data analytics, etc.


IVEPOS is a POS application that provides all the essential features retailers, and restaurant owners need to deal with the orders.

POS Software For Business Management

IVEPOS is an Android POS (point-of-sale) software crafted for your restaurant, retail stores, cafe, bar, bakery, coffee shop, grocery, salon and spa, car wash, food truck and pizzeria by Intuition Systems.


As a cloud-based system built for restaurants and retail, IVEPOS offers functionality like mobile POS systems, inventory management, sales analytics, CRM and customer loyalty on an easy-to-use interface. Use the IVEPOS point of sale system instead of a cash register, and track sales and inventory in real-time, manage employees and stores, engage with customers and increase your revenue.

Our POS software is precisely crafted for all business

restaurant POS

Restaurant POS

Take your restaurants to new heights with IVEPOS Restaurant POS

Bakery pos

Bakery POS

Try IVEPOS system to boost the business and speed up business operations.

Grocery POS

Grocery POS

Make your grocery business profitable with IVEPOS grocery POS system

Retail pos

Retail POS

The IVEPOS retail POS system helps you to improve the business operations

Coffe Shop POS

Coffee Shop POS

Enhance your coffee shop business operations using IVEPOS system

Garments POS

Garments POS

Advanced and Cost-effective Garments POS Software

cafe pos

Cafe POS

Choosing the right POS system is essential for your cafe

Food Truck POS

Food Truck POS

IVEPOS system helps your food truck business run even faster!

Salon and Spa POS

Salon & Spa POS

A perfect Salon and Spa POS system for your business

Features of POS Billing Software


One Click Billing

The one-click billing feature of IVEPOS helps create bills and pay them with one click. You can visit the product list and add items according to your requirements. You can add items from multiple vendors to procure different products for your store. In the end, you have to click once to clear the vendors' bills.

IVEPOS acts as a perfect tool to help the employees decrease the checkout times as it gives you the right tools to carry out the task at hand. A fast, convenient, and effortless way of managing and paying your bills!

Accept Payments

It is essential to make the payment process quick and easier. IVEPOS provides faster payment options to customers. You can use Multiple Payment methods to charge the customer in IVEPOS Point of Sale. IVEPOS accept all mode of payments from cards, digital wallets to UPI.

After payment, system generating the receipt to customers in a way they prefer: printed or send by SMS or email. All these makes the payment options to convenient for the customers and which eventually reflects on the revenue.


Inventory Management

Inventory management is the modern way of keeping track of the cost, purchase, sell, and avoid wastage of stuff. By using IVEPOS You can check products in stocks anytime and take necessary measures to keep the best-selling products in store. Moreover, the software gives you insights and charts to identify your store's best and worst selling items.


IVEPOS can instantly show the notification and updates about the consumed item and thus your customer no need to return, never empty-handed. IVEPOS software will simplify and accurate inventory management for small and medium businesses.

Employee Management

Employee management is one of retailers' and restaurants' most crucial tasks. Tracking and rewarding the best-performing employees are crucial to motivating the workforce. At the same time, it is essential to assign tasks to the employees through a platform that optimizes resource usage.


IVEPOS is a POS application that aids retailers and restaurants in seamless employee management. You can track attendances, performances, and other crucial data for employee management.


Vendor Management

Vendor management allows businesses to manage their suppliers or vendors. With help of IVPEOS, now you can get access to all of your vendor accounts detailed invoices, payment schedules, delivery details, etc.


By using IVEPOS software you can add vendors, you can view vendor purchase history, you can easily register vendor payments, you can easily view vendor pending payments and register payments and many more.

Customer Management

Every restaurant should try to raise its customer management standard to deliver customers more happiness. You need to adopt various strategies to enhance customer satisfaction. For example, seamless order processing and minimal waiting time will improve customer experience in your restaurant or café.


The same applies to retail stores, as quick order processes and well-organized store inventory increase customer satisfaction. Use IVEPOS to manage customers and enhance their satisfaction.


Loved by our Customers

Chakum Chukum
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We have been using this POS for the last 4 years. Very user-friendly and helps us to retrieve data at the end of the day. They have also updated the even better version. And most importantly, their backup team is very responsive if you need any help

Tibetan Kitchen 
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Simple and user-friendly interface. Fantastic...

Idly Guru

IVEPOS is very easy to use. After using IVEPOS software, now I can say every process happening easier and faster.

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IVEPOS Billing POS Software App

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IVEPOS is a cloud-based Point of Sale and business management software for restaurants and retail with 100+ tools for billing, payments, inventory management, customer management, and other critical functions.


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Frequently Asked Questions on POS system

What kind of software is POS?

POS stands for point-of-sale. It's the name of the software that runs the cash registers in retail stores (or) the POS system is the technology that allows customers to pay for their purchases with a credit card, debit card, or check. It's also known as point-of-sale software or retail management software.


The purpose of POS systems is to keep track of sales transactions, print receipts, and provide other business information. A POS billing software can also be used for inventory control, customer loyalty programs, and employee management.


There are many different types of POS systems on the market today. Some POS solutions are designed for small businesses, while others support large enterprises. Some POS systems are integrated with other business software programs like accounting software or payroll software. Others are designed to work independently from other programs, allowing businesses to choose the best option based on their needs and budget.

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