Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS)

Updated: May 18

Online shopping and home delivery facilities are nowadays most popular business methods in cities as well as villages. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, everyone started to use these services and it makes Online shopping and home delivery become widely accepted one. So, most of the retailers have now started online shopping and home delivering facilities to their stores. During this online shopping era, another strategy has arrived that can be useful for smaller businesses also - BOPIS.

Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS)

Now, we can discuss more about BOPIS.

BOPIS stands for Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store. A BOPIS option allows customers to make a purchase online and pick up their items in-store. Now BOPIS has become a popular retail business strategy nowadays. Whenever an order is ready, then customers will get notifications. So, customers can collect their ordered items from the store directly or BOPIS pickup area. It is useful for both customers and sellers.

Advantages for customers:

The main advantage of BOPIS is time saving. Here customers can order online and they no need to wait for the delivery person. Whenever the order is ready, customers can collect their ordered items directly. With BOPIS options, customers can save the delivery charges also. Another advantage is customers can easily return the products while comparing normal online delivery. Before visiting the shop, BOPIS helps to check the customers, if the product is available or not. So, customers can avoid unwanted shop visits.

Advantages for sellers:

With help of BOPIS, sellers can save delivery packing charges, packing time, shipping charges, and delivery time. This will increase the seller's profit. With BOPIS options, sellers can increase the in-store traffic, because customers are coming to in-store to collect items and at that time maybe they will buy more products. A well-trained staff can utilize this traffic and convert it into extra sales. Another advantage for retail sellers is they have better inventory management, here seller need to integrate e-commerce platform with their Point of Sale (POS) system. This gives them better insight into what is available in real-time.

What do you need to set up a BOPIS with your store?

If you are interested in setting up a BOPIS option in your retail store, then you need an online shopping site, a physical store or collection point and real time inventory. Always make sure your online shopping platform and retail POS system can be integrated.

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