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Overview of Salon and Spa Point of Sale software

The IVEPOS Salon and Spa POS system will help you to boost the business of your retail store and speed up business operations. 

IVEPOS Salon and Spa Point of Sale Software

Try IVEPOS point of sale software, it is an all-in-one salon and spa POS system. Salon and spa management software will provide the right tools that you need to manage your business. The best salon and spa POS software that helps you run your business smoothly. Our software will help your business grow in today's highly challenging salon and spa industry. Make your job as easy with IVEPOS and provide a faster, seamless checkout experience for your customers and staff. 

Key Features of Salon & Spa POS System

Point of Sale

IVEPOS software helps you to manage your daily salon and spa operations. With IVEPOS, users can do faster check-out for customers with a click of a button, accepting all mode of payments from cards, digital wallets to UPI, providing printed and digital receipts, you can configure taxes and apply to the bill or specific items, you can apply discounts to the bill or specific items, and many more...


Inventory Management

Inventory management is a key feature of IVEPOS, and the application has been developed to meet the inventory management requirements of small stores, supermarkets, restaurants, food takeaway counters, etc. You can update the inventory instantly and procure the products in your inventory from multiple vendors.


IVEPOS comes with all the advanced inventory management and tracking features to improve efficiency and accuracy in the process. Install the application on your smartphone and embrace an advanced inventory management solution from IVEPOS. 

Customer Management

Customer management is the process of managing the relationship between an organization and its customers over time.

By using IVEPOS you can easily set up a customer loyalty program, you can easily view the loyalty points of a customer, you can add information about the customer, you can easily view the purchase history of customer, you can easily send promotional messages to the customer, you can easily check the customer outstanding dues, and more.


Vendor Management 

Every small retail store and restaurant business has to deal with one or multiple vendors. You must collaborate with vendors to procure raw materials for your cloud kitchen or restaurant outlet. On the other hand, it is important to stay connected with vendors to procure the products for your store.


Installing IVEPOS will help you add multiple vendors. Nevertheless, the application helps you find the availability of products with multiple vendors. You can purchase the products from vendors depending on the sales report. 

Employee Management

Employee management is the process that helps your employees perform at their best and meet your company's goals. Through IVEPOS You can create separate login for employees and you can view the list of all the employees and their performance.

You can take the necessary action to improve sales by motivating the employees and by rewarding high performing employees.


Customer Feedback


Receiving customer feedback is crucial for making business improvements. Ignoring the customer reviews will lead to a communication gap between customers and your business. As a result, your business will fail to appease the buyers and turn them into loyal customers.


Retailers and restaurants can use IVEPOS to receive customer feedback and make product or service changes to enhance customer satisfaction. The tool features customer approval ratings based on customer feedback.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are the best methods of maintaining a high customer retention rate. Instead of finding new buyers, most businesses focus on retaining existing customers. Retaining the existing customers is easier than finding new buyers.


IVEPOS helps retailers to introduce customer loyalty programs, which offer freebies to the buyers for their loyalty. You can track and manage customer profiles and their loyalty points using the IVEPOS application.


Multi-Store Support

The retailers may have multiple outlets in different locations. Can you manage multiple stores from one virtual platform? Install IVEPOS on your smartphone and manage your multiple retail stores from this application.


Multi-store support is one of the significant features of IVEPOS. This option can track multiple store sales, inventory, and other commercial data. Overall, IVEPOS reduces your hassles and saves time managing multiple retail outlets.

Reports and Analytics

You need reports, analytics, and insights to measure bakery performance. Nowadays, the most crucial things for bakery's and cafes are tracking customer feedback and understanding customer satisfaction.


IVEPOS offers an effortless interface that helps you manage reports and analytics of your salon and spa. You can check these reports and improve the service for the customers to experience better customer loyalty


Works Offline & Online 

IVEPOS is an advanced POS application with multiple inventory management features for users. Besides inventory tracking, you can use the tool to track vendors, sales, customers, and employee data. Overall, the application offers a perfect platform to track all your crucial business data.


The best thing is that IVEPOS works both offline and online, though certain features are only usable with an internet connection. But, you can perform all basic POS activities with the offline mode of this tool. 


We are committed to rendering a top-notch experience to IVEPOS users. Our dedicated team keeps the application updated and makes changes according to the feedback received from the users. Despite efforts to keep the application bug-free, technical errors can sometimes happen.


Users can contact us anytime to resolve those technical errors. We offer technical support over telephonic conversations, chat, and email. So, never hesitate to contact our team if you have issues with the IVEPOS application.


POS Hardware

You can use smartphone device to download and install the IVEPOS application. However, a personal smartphone is not a professional POS hardware solution.


You may need dedicated POS hardware at some point to operate IVEPOS. We will provide you a collection of sophisticated and technology-driven hardware components at the most affordable cost.

IVEPOS Point of Sale App

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IVEPOS is a cloud-based Point of Sale and business management software for restaurant's and retail with 100+ tools for billing, payments, inventory management, customer management, and other critical functions.


Awards & Recognition

SourceForge Summer 2021 Leader
Slashdot Winter 2022 Leader
SoftwareSuggest - Best Usability
SoftwareSuggest - Great User Experience

Loved by our Customers

Chakum Chukum
chakum chukum.jpg

We have been using this POS for the last 4 years. Very user-friendly and helps us to retrieve data at the end of the day. They have also updated the even better version. And most importantly, their backup team is very responsive if you need any help

Tibetan Kitchen 
tibetan kitchen.jpg

Simple and user-friendly interface. Fantastic...

Hungry Brothers

I can say that this is a quality product with room for improvement, and the team is prepared to adapt and improve. GREAT TEAM. I live in New Zealand and when I purchased a license for my son's cafe, I needed a few features that would improve the user experience. They were quick to arrange a phone call and took on board the requests. This shows their willingness to engage with endusers to deliver a product that is fit for use. I wish them the very best. IVEPOS is value for money

Frequently Asked Questions on POS system

What is POS in a retail store?

The point of sale (POS) system is a software application that allows a retail store to complete the cash register process, including the ability to print receipts, track inventory, and manage customer data.

A POS system can range from an inexpensive single-store solution to an enterprise-level system that can handle multiple locations or be integrated with other back-end systems. The most common features include:

Centralized reporting tools that allow users to track sales trends and inventory levels.

Inventory management tools that automate reordering processes and prevent overstocking or understocking of goods.

The ability to create custom discounts for specific products or groups of customers (i.e., senior citizens).